Monday, May 31, 2010

Beckman Auditorium. Caltech

Caltech as part of one of the most important Institutions in Pasadena enjoys to be involved with the community, that benefit our neighborhood, part of this benefits are its events on campus throughout the year at reasonable price or even free, just go to calendar of events and you will find science lectures, performing arts, folk music, chamber music and more. Many of these events take place at the architectural masterpiece, The Beckman Auditorium, sometimes referred to as The Wedding Cake which has a capacity of 200 people. If you are able to walk before or after the event you will experiment a beautiful and relaxing surrounding.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Native Plants

Pasadena is in a serious water shortage. Native Plants are a good alternative for landscaping water savings. Is very simple, they are adapted to the local weather, soil, animals attract births and butterflies and they need a minimal irrigation along with less maintenance, less pruning, no fertilizer, no pesticides.
We have several species, subspecies and varieties of native plants to chose from, one of those are a variety of agave like Agave Americana variegata that shows a great contrast with greenish-blue and yellow.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Old Mill

If you walk into the road behind this sign, it will take you to a hidden place where the time has stopped to welcome you. This link to the past, a historic landmark surrounded by a native garden and a great variety of fruit trees is the Old Mill (El Molino Viejo), the oldest commercial build in South California, complete in 1816 as a grist mill for Mission San Gabriel. Today this build is a museum and fine art gallery for rotating exhibits.
I could post the pics that I took from this magic place, but I rather want you to explore, discover and feel this relaxing and magical experience.