Monday, August 9, 2010

Chris Holden's Annual Block Party

This is what Jackson Street looked like last Saturday at Chris Holden's annual Block Party!

The Block Party was an all-ages event free to all attendees, a family celebration were community leaders, organizations and residents meet to share a day complete of fun activities and information about different programs to residents from different groups and organizations.
Pasadenans are happy to have the opportunity to enjoy time with his District 3 Council member, Chris Holden who hosted this party in front of his house, capable of being reached by residents.
Alike most hot summer events, we enjoy a perfect weather a nice Saturday morning, good to enjoy time and plenty of food featured by the firefighters who grilled hot dogs for the guests, along with music and activities for kids.

Tables were set up along the walkway with different organizations and City of Pasadena Programs like Day One, Armory Center Side Street, NEY, Outward Band Adventure, Human Society, Mash, Pasadena Housing Department, Pasadena Police Department, Foothill Workforce Investment Board, Pasadena Senior Center, Aids Service Center.

There was something for everybody, the crew had the opportunity to get informed, play or learn CPR training from Gary Gregorian at the CODE 3 Life Support Education Booth.